Class lists for 2015

Class lists for 2015 will be done in a slightly different fashion.

We are hoping to have all class lists for 2015 available to staff before the close of school in 2014 via the database 'HSCmembers'

To make this process easier for the SSOs the following procedure should be followed.

1. Download all the 2014 classes for a course from filemaker database  'HSCmembers'.

This is achieved by navigating to the required classes and clicking 'Print Class List' as shown in the image below

Choose the Export option then Save the class list as a CSV file and name the file with the subject code as shown in the 2 images below

2. Open the file in the Excel application. The file should look like the image below.

3. You will need to follow the above steps for all the classes that correspond to the course you are working on and amalgamate all the classes into the one CSV file.

It is crucial that you keep the student number in the same row as the student's name

4. Manipulate this CSV file by placing the students in their new 2015 classes. See Margaret Smith if you are unsure of the 2015 Class codes to use.

5. Once the CSV file accurately reflects the 2015 classes for the respective course email the file to Margaret Smith.

6. See MPE if you have any issues.