Using the new student awards database

Accessing Awards from an iPad

1. Download FileMaker Go from the App Store (You may already have it). YOU NEED TO BE ON YOUR iPAD TO TAP THIS LINK

2. Launch FileMaker Go

3. Tap on Hosts

4. Host Address - (Only have to do this once)

5. Set the Host Name to  HSC FMP Server (Only have to do this once)

6. Save (top right hand corner)

7. Tap on HSC FMP Server

8. Enter your teacher's login credentials and password. (eg Petrem02)

9. Either find by Student year group or top left hand corner select Find Student by Class.

10. Tap the student you wish to give an award to

11. To Add a new award tap on the Add Award button in the top right hand corner.

12. Enter the award information and quit.

Note: You will not be able to enter multiple merit awards like before.