Creating A Youtube Channel

Creating a Youtube Channel

Before you can upload videos to Youtube you need to create a Youtube Channel, which must have a unique name across all Youtube accounts. This channel needs to be manually setup. The following steps will show you the steps when using an iPad.

1. Using your iPad launch Safari go to Tap the Sign in button on the top left corner of the page.

2. Enter your College Google credentials and sign in

3. Enter your College Google login details one more time

4.  Tap the desktop view once you have logged in to Youtube

5. Tap on the Gear shown in the image below and choose Analytics

6. Enter your College username as your youtube channel name. If it is not unique add hsc onto the end of your username. For example if nobleI01 was not unique then use nobleI01hsc

7. You will now be able to upload your videos toYoutube from iMovie