Shared Calendars at Holy Spirit College in 2014

Calendars at Holy Spirit College 2014

The screenshot below shows the shared calendars accessible to the College Community with the exception of the Staff Calendar which is private to staff only.

So how do you access these Calendars on an iPad? It is straight forward. All you need to do is tap on the links below and be a little patient. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON YOUR IPAD

Week Label

Parent Calendar

Year 7 Assessments

Year 8 Assessments

Year 9 Assessments

Year 10 Assessments

Year 11 Assessments

Year 12 Assessments

To access the staff private calendar you need to :

Once logged in to Google Drive, tap on the link

and checkbox the parent calendar and SAVE ( Bottom right hand corner)

Your screen should look like this:

Other calendars you should have include your School Timetable and personal Calendars.

Contact Mark Hamlet or Myself if you are having issues.