Emailing a class from your iPad

Your're in class - the bell is about to go and you wish you could email the class the work that needs to be completed for homework from your iPad. Maybe you have info on the whiteboard that students need.

Is there an easy way to do this on the fly?

The answer is YES.

If your'e interested keep reading...

The above scenario is easy to do in Gmail on a laptop or desktop computer however is not supported (on the surface at least) using iPads

Here is the work around.

1. On your iPad launch Filemaker GO and access the HSCmembers database.

2. Locate your class

3. Click on the button Get Email Addresses

4. Now Exit  FIlemaker GO by clicking on the Exit button and go to your Contacts and click the plus button to add a new contact.

In the surname field enter the class code of your class and then paste in the email addresses you copied from Filemaker.

Note the Classcode needs to go in the Surname field not the Firstname field like shown below

5. That's it. Go to email on your iPad and type the first few letters of the class code you just setup.

Thanks to David Emery for making the necessary changes to HSCmembers