What is Google+ and Why You Should Care

Google+ is in essence "Google". Google started off as a simple search engine, however over the years Google has grown to incorporate a multitude of other services, such as Google Earth, Blogger, YouTube, Drive, Maps and many more. Originally you had separate accounts for each of these services and your "Google Account" was only for Gmail and Documents, but in recent years Google has been slowly bringing all of these services together. Enter Google+, you one account to all of Google's services.

Google+ began life as a social network, in fact it is still the second largest and the fastest growing social network in the world. Yes it is larger than Twitter and growing at a faster rate than Facebook, although it doesn't get as much "hype".

Unfortunately because of Google +'s origins as a social network, it often gets referred to as Google's version of Facebook, however this is a very unfair description. For Facebook is solely a social network site supported by advertisements, where as Google+ is much, much more, it is everything Google.

Not only can you use Google+ as a social network in the same way you might use Twitter, Facebook or Pintrest, you can also use it as a stand alone blog or connect it to an existing Blogger site and post to both services simultaneously. Google+ can also function as a forum board or just a news and information feed. 

In a new city and looking for something to do or somewhere to go? Google+ can give you information about what is around you. Using Google+ you can send and receive instant messages and conduct video calls. Additionally, you can watch, or even produce, your own live public broadcast which will automatically be saved to YouTube at the conclusion of the broadcast. Finally, due to the use of "Circles" you only need to have one Google+ account which you can use for both work and personal use.

With all of these benefits over every other form and brand of social media and online services, and with still more to come in the near future, Google+ is slowly positioning themselves to be the one stop destination for all social, entertainment and productivity activity on the web. 

This is why you should care.