My Email will not Load

Sometimes the Mail app can get 'stuck' when trying to retrieve your email. This could be due to two issues:

The first is due to the possibility that you may have an email account synced to your iPad that has been blocked by a proxy on the network you are using. The problem occurs because the Mail app automatically checks the last account you used on the iPad first before moving on to the other accounts. If you used an email account at home last that is blocked by a work or public network proxy, then when you re-connect to that network the Mail app will get stuck trying to load in the email and will not move on to the other accounts.

The second issue is that the Mail app sometimes has trouble downloading an email that contains an attachment, it then gets stuck and again will not proceed to download the other emails.

To fix both of these issues simply turning your iPad completely off and then back on again. To do this follow these steps:

1. Open the Mail app and touch the account icon in the top left corner

2. Choose the email account you wish to be use from the list

3. Close the Mail app
4. Hold down the button located on the top right corner of the iPad for 3 seconds 

5. The swipe your finger where it says "slide to power off" on the screen

6. Turn your iPad back on again and your email should now work.