How do I Send a Group Email?

The iOS Mail app does not include an option for sending a group email unless the group has already been created on a Microsoft Exchange server. However there is a way to trick the mail app into sending group emails. This hack is especially useful if you are using Gmail as you email provider. To do this follow these steps:

1. Open the Contacts app

2. Touch the plus icon at the bottom of the app window to create a new contact

3. In the new window give the group a name

4. In the email field, type in (or cut and paste from another app) the email addresses of all the people you wish to add to your group

Important: When adding in the addresses they must be separated with a comma and a space. For example -,,

5. Touch Done and close the app
6. Open the Mail app
7. Create a new email and add the Group Name into the To: field

8. When you send your email you will receive a warning about an "Invalid Address". Ignore this and touch Send. Your group email has now been sent successfully.