Connecting to Wi-Fi

When you first start your ipad you will be asked to set up an internet connection by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. To connect to the school network follow these instructions:

1. Touch hscwireless 

2. In the new window type in the password for the network and then touch Join (See Mark or Ken for the school password)

Once your iPad is set up, the iPad will, most of the time, automatically set the correct Wi-Fi settings for the hotspot you are trying to join, however some Wi-Fi hotspots, such as the school network, will require a few extra settings. These instructions will help you do this for the school:

1. Touch Settings to bring up the settings menu

2. In the new window touch Wi-Fi from the left menu

3. Find and touch the arrow on the right side of hscwireless 

4. In the new window touch Auto in the bottom right corner and then type in this URL in the space provided:

5. Once you have typed in the URL, touch anywhere to leave this window and you are done.

To connect to another hotspot or network, such as your home, follow these instructions:

1. Touch Settings to bring up the settings menu

2. In the new window touch Wi-Fi from the left menu

3. Touch the network name to enter in the password. 

4. Once the password has been entered the iPad will now connect to the new Wi-Fi network and return to the Wi-Fi settings page. You are now connected.