Turning off iMessage pop up summary

One great feature of the iPad is the ability to send and recieve iMessages. These messages are just like the SMS text messages on your mobile phone. However iMessages only work between Apple computers, iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Unfortunately, as good as iMessage is, by default when you receive an iMessage a green notification will "pop up" at the top of your screen with a summary of the message. This can be an issue when you are mirroring your iPad onto the projector, especially if you do not want your audience seeing the contents of the iMessage.

So to stop this from happening, you will need  to change a couple of settings. To do this follow these instructions:

1. Launch the Settings app

2. Touch Notifications and then touch Messages

3. In the new panel, make sure Alert Style is set to Banners
4. Scroll down to Show Preview and swipe it to the off position

Now when you are using the projector and receive an iMessage, you will see the green notification at the top of the page with only the details of the person who sent it. This notification will then disappear after a about 5 seconds.