Syncing your Google Calendar

For Shared Calendars

If you have your email account set up using Microsoft excahnge, you will first need to set up another email account using Gmail that will just be dedicated to your shared calendars. To do this follow these steps

1. Touch Settings on your iPad
2. In the new window touch Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then choose Add Account...

3. Choose Gmail
4. In the new window fill in your credentials and in the Description field type in "Shared Calendars" and then touch Next

5. In the new window turn off Mail and Notes and then touch Done.

6. With this done, click here
7. Sign in with your Google Account (if you are not already signed in)
8. Choose the calendars from the list that you wish to sync
9. Click Save

10. Press the home button to return to the start screen of your iPad
11. Touch Calendar
12. In the application touch Calendars from the top left menu and then touch the refresh icon to re-sync your calendars

Note: Each time you create a new Google Calendar, or a calendar is shared with you, you will need to re-sync to add the new calendar to your iPad using steps 6 - 12.