Scanning a Document

Many times you will be required to scan either a piece of work for your students or a page from a book that you may wish to display on the projector.

To help you do this please follow the step by step guides:

Scanning a Document

If you need to scan a file in color, you will need to use the photocopier in the Library:

Scanning a Document in the Library

If you are going to scan a lot of documents it maybe a good idea to enter your email address into the photocopier "Address Book" to make the scanning process faster:

Entering Your Email Address into the Address Book

Scanning a Document Using the Address Book

To save your scanned documents to your Google Drive, download the scanned attachment the photocopier sends to your email address and then follow the step by step guide:

Part 6 Uploading Files

You may also need to "crop" some of your scanned documents, especially if you are going to use them in Presentations etc. To do this please use the following step by step guides:

Cropping a Scanned Document in Mac OSX

Cropping a Scanned Document in Windows 7