How to mirror your iPad to the projector

One benefit of using you iPad is that you no longer need to be standing in the corner at the podium computer. The iPad gives you the mobility to move around the classroom and still manipulate what is displayed on the projector or TV at the front of the room.

To make this happen you need to "mirror" the iPad to an Apple TV connected to the projector or Television. To do this follow these instructions:

1. Quickly double click on the Home button so the the scree changes like the image below

2. Now swipe the row of apps to the right

3. On the new screen touch the rectangular icon on the right side of the fast forward icon

4. In the new menu that appears, touch the device name you wish to mirror to and then swipe to the on position

5. Press the Home button once to return to your normal iPad screen

To turn mirroring off simply repeat the steps above.