Getting started with Google Drive

It is important for you to set up your Google Drive correctly. Therefore you will need to do the following:
  • Use either the Firefox or Chrome browser, as Safari sometimes has problems rendering the pages
  • Import student email addresses from File Maker Pro
  • Create a folder for each subject you teach
  • Have your students create their own folders (to do this, they will need to complete Parts 1-3 of  the Student Guides)
  • Organize your student folders so that they are easily accessible 
To help you do this please use the following step by step guides:

Importing Student Email Addresses

Part 1 Logging In

Part 2 Creating Folders

Part 3 Sharing Folders

Part 4 Organising

Once you have completed this and you wish to start using your Google Drive to create and store your work you will need to use the following step by step guides:

Part 5 Creating Documents

Part 6 Uploading Files

Part 7 Downloading Files

Part 8 Searching

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